ECE® Curriculum Review 

Are you: 

  • Considering a partnership or exchange program with an overseas institution 
  • Trying to determine a student’s study abroad credit transfer 
  • Designing courses for short-term faculty-led international programs 
  • Evaluating university credit equivalencies to fulfill international requirements for fields of study

An ECE® Curriculum Review evaluates foreign institutions and programs to provide you with the answers you need in order to make decisions on partnerships, credit transfers, and recruitment potential.  This product is customizable based on what you need to know.

An ECE® Curriculum Review provides: 

  • Determination of the institution’s recognition/accreditation status 
  • List of courses/subjects in the program 
  • U.S. equivalence for the program 
  • U.S. equivalent semester hours of credit for each course/subject in the program 
  • Identification of the upper-level undergraduate courses/subjects 
  • Recommended grade conversion for the Program 

The cost for this special project is $225 per hour.  An ECE® Research Evaluator will schedule a free consultation to discuss what you need and provide an estimate before starting the work. 

To help us better understand your needs, please fill out this planning form along with your request.