ECE – Slate Configuration Request

Use this form to have ECE® credential evaluation reports sent directly to your instance of Slate. Additional steps for integration are listed below. Our team will be in contact shortly. For any questions, please email

Further steps for integration:

  1. If you do not already have one, create a free ECE® Dispatch account at Dispatch is required for Slate integration, allowing for report status tracking, account management, and communication. Completed evaluation reports and the vetted academic documents are also backed-up in Dispatch for one year. You can add an unlimited number of users to your account, including a general inbox to receive notifications. If you prefer, a member of our Institution Support team can set up your Dispatch account on your behalf. Simply email with this request.
  2. Let your applicants know an ECE® report is accepted! Our application asks individuals to designate which institutions should receive a copy of their report. Based on this request, a copy is then sent to both your Slate and Dispatch accounts. Since the academic records we evaluate are the property of the individual, they must authorize us to send them to you by ordering a report copy. We recommend adding language to your website directing applicants to order a copy for your institution, as well as which type of report they should order. Suggested language and the ECE® logo are available for download at

Educational Credential Evaluators